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Chapter 1
Hedwig is in Trouble

A storm was raging in Privet Drive. It was 3:00 in the morning. Harry was asleep in Dudley's second bedroom. Just then Harry heard something roar. It was coming from outside. Harry scrambled out of bed to see what it was. Harry looked out the window. He saw nothing, nothing at all. He wondered whether anyone saw this thing, or heard it. Harry walked over to Hedwig's cage. But Hedwig wasn't in her cage at all. Harry's eyes were very wide. Before he went to sleep he was sure that Hedwig was there. This had to be a dream or a nightmare or something — but it wasn't. He was staring straight at the empty cage. Harry rushed to Uncle Vernon's and Aunt Petunia's room and shouted, "WHERE IS MY OWL?!" Both of them jumped out of sleep. "Your bird is outside!" Uncle Vernon yelled. "WHY?!" Harry yelled back. "It wouldn't shut up." Petunia said angrily. Harry ran downstairs and went to the door. He opened the door and slammed it behind him. When he got outside, he noticed Hedwig on the ground. She was lying down and screeching loudly. Her left wing was bleeding a lot. Who did this to my owl? Why? How could this happen to her? Harry thought. Harry slowly picked up his owl, then turned around and saw a dark figure disappear in thin air. Harry knew at once that he was being watched. “Come out! Show yourself!” Harry shouted. There was no response. Harry walked closer to where he saw the figure. But nothing was there. Behind him, he could hear footsteps. He didn’t have his wand with him. He left it at the Dursley’s house. Harry spun around. Nothing was there. He was terrified. “What is goin’ on here?” Harry was just about to go back in the house when something caught his eye. It was Dobby the house elf. “Hello Harry, what is you doin’ out at this time? Oh my, what happened to your owl?” Dobby asked. “I don’t know, I got outside when—” Harry paused and then said, “Hang on, what are you doin’ out here, Dobby?” Then Dobby said to Harry, “I have to warn you, Harry. Something are looking for you. Something that are goin’ to hurt you. Go to the Weasley’s house to get help for your owl. Hurry before it finds you!” Dobby said. “Dobby, I don’t even know how I’m gonna get there. I don’t have my suitcase with me, or my wand.” Harry said. “Don’t worry Harry; I can teleport you and your owl to the Weasley’s house. And of course your things you need.” Dobby said happily. “Hold hands Harry, then you is goin’ to teleport there. Good Luck!” Dobby said. When Harry and Dobby held hands, a flash of light came circling around them and Harry was gone in thin air. A few seconds later Harry landed on the ground. He saw a little old house next to him. Then an Elf Owl was staring at him and screeching loudly at him. It was sitting on a narrow branch of a Sugar Maple tree. When Harry looked up at the owl, it stopped screeching and turned its head away from him. All was silent except for a little cricket that was chirping. Harry went to the door of the house — but when he tried to open the door, it wouldn’t open. It was locked. Harry knocked on the door twice. Someone came to the door. The person opened the door and smiled at Harry.

Chapter 2
The Surprise

“Hi Harry, how are you?” Ginny asked. Harry paused awkwardly and then said, “Uh.... good... I guess. But—” “Harry? Is that you?” Harry turned around and grinned. He saw Ron with Hermione walking towards him. “Hi there Harry, what are you doin’ here?” Hermione asked Harry. “Well, the reason why I am here is because Hedwig is injured. I had to go here. Besides, Dobby came to me and said that something is looking for me. And before that, I heard a roar, and then I saw that Hedwig wasn’t in her cage. So I went to my Aunt’s and Uncle’s room and they told me where Hedwig was. When I got outside, she was lying on the ground and her left wing was bleeding. I need help with her wing. So, that is why I’m here.” Harry sighed, then Ron looked down at Hedwig and then said, “Don’t worry Harry; Hedwig is goin’ to be fine. Percy will help her.” “Thanks Ron.” Harry said. Harry carefully gave Hedwig to Ron and then they all went inside the house. “Harry, it’s good to see you again, Hogwarts starts back up tomorrow.” Harry ran over to see George Weasley standing in the hallway. Fred Weasley came over to Harry and gave him a big hug.
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